Szalóky take down recurve bow

Take Down Recurve bow

During the designing of the take down my purpose was to create a good hunting bow. The other sizes evolved from this prototype, and this is how the bow became suitable for competiting. I was working on the first piece for a long time. To find the final shape I changed various parts. The finished products are perfect for compete, and they can be found in international contests. Ferenc Midesz Molnár became WA 3D world champion twice with one of these bows.

The riser was made in four sizes between 17” and 24”. With the limbs made in three different sizes the bow can be variated between 58 és 68 inches. Whether for hunting, competing or for hobby a perfect bow can be made with the perfect draw lenght.

Szalóky Take Down íj

My Take Down bow is the most optional for customizing. The four different risers and the three limbs are variable in many ways. It is the best possibility to find the suitable bow for the archer, depending on the users purpose (hunting, hobby, sport). I can adjust the hold of the grip for the individual shooting technique.
The most important for me is the personal consultation, and there is pretension for it from the side of my customers. We can discuss all the occurrent questions. In our modern era this is possible via telephone, messenger or online, but I prefer finding time for a personal meeting.