íjkészítés Szalóky

The bow buliding

The bows are built with laminate technology, with layers glued to each other. The heart of the limbs is made of 2-3 layers of wood, wich is covered with fiber glass layers. These are glued together in a template ans they get a heat treatment. The fiberglass doesn’t let the limbs break.The strenght of the bow is defined by the thickness of the layers. For the dispensation of the weight the grip is cut into layers too, and glued together. between each there is a thin layer made of wood or plastic.

Bow designing is based on own or other archer’s experience, many years of attempt overtakes the final product. There is no counting or software for designing, only the intuition and experience. The feedback and oinion of competitors, users is important. The recourse in competiting sport is huge, therefore not all types of wood are suitable, only a few can be used safely. Principally thick structured, homogeneous, heavy woods are suitable for grips.